Sunday, November 24, 2013

Take Me Back (Mindlovemisery prompt 31)

Take me back
to the ocean as
wave upon wave
washed away the bad years

when you were only nine
and I had found hope again
that life could be normal.

Take me back before death
separated us and laughter
filled our afternoons in the
tiny apartment as she and I shared
our stories over hot tea amidst
the laughter of our children.

Take me back before he became
ill from a livelihood which riddled
his bones with warring cells.

Take me back before the isolation
and rage of loss filled our hearts
in that lonely cabin in the woods.

Take me back to that time
when I could look in the mirror
and know who I was.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time (for deverse Calendar 11/23/13)


If it had slowed
to the rhythm
of my heart-

Do you think
I would have worn
it better, felt its closeness
between each breath
treasured every tiny grain
as fate etched itself into each line?

I was following a destined path
without guide, only intuition
born of evolution
disguised as doubt-

Fragile as a falling flake of snow
descending to earth, time melts away
and leaves me cold with questions.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Will Remember

 I Will Remember

 I will remember a world
 lost to the masses,
 lonely in its material guise
 and shallow soul.

I will take hold
in my heart
the memories when justice
was a worthy passion
and kindness fed the emptiness.

 I will remember
 the youth I left behind
 with  remorse for it fed
 me lies and left me hungry.

I will remember
all those things
I fought for,
some I attained,
many I lost-

But most of all
I will remember
that being here-

Brought me the joy
of knowing there was love..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The I of We (Inspired by Anthem, Ayn Rand)

The I of We
(Inspired by Anthem, Ayn Rand)

 Black future-
 World without love

  To shed the plural skin,
  taste forbidden fruit   
  in  barren dystopia
  where no one dare stand alone

  Hunger grows in lands
  scorched by the consuming
  flames of the great “we”.

 The dying of self
 stands without shadow
 extinguished by iniquitous skies,
 ashen without a heaven.

(For deverse sci-fi poetry 11/16/13) .

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Savage Heart

 The Savage Heart


 How the body remembers
 the longing in cold bones.

 Listen to its faint beat
 as it dies a little more
 each day until all is still
 and the silence screams
 for holding.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anger (for deverse open link 11/12/13)


 I wonder
 what drives you?

 Rage, an unforgiving heart
 which trembles even
 at the thought of “weakness”.

So much easier to wage
a war on the world
as if strangers even know
what tragedy you’ve tasted
and was it really anymore bitter
than theirs’?

I cringe at the sound
of hate, between each
word you roar in your

I wonder what your story is,
if it bleeds more than others?

Isn’t anger an anemic suture
for your wounds?

Aren't you cold
lonely, tired
wearing this crimson cloak?

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Never Wanted

 I Never Wanted

I never wanted to watch
you leave broken and lost-

In your man-made “happiness”
disintegrating in the mist
of rising discontent and fear.

I never wanted to see your
body crumble, unable to bear
the weight fate cast.

Your martyrdom-
travels through
the darkest parts of me. 

 Turning my gaze away
 I still see my own reflection,
 in those tears which
 seep into the marrow,
 eroding stone set hearts
 which cannot help but weep.


Sunday, November 10, 2013



our thoughts-

Waves break
the current changes
we remain steadfast
dropping anchor
foolish in thinking

we won’t be swept away
to some unknown island

where all is new and unforgiving
earth remembers the past and from
its depth haunts our loneliness.

Still we question “why”?
Sky is silent
Sea is still
Only the shifting sands tell 
we must change.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Voices (for deverse-what a difference one hour can make)

The Voices

The voices
no longer distracted
by long stretches of sunlight

I revel in the short days
so much to do before

Days slip away
in a whispered hush
I, soul inspired
reach into the dark
confines of twilight

Between the failing
light and dreaming

Words come softly
 in the silent hours

as I try to shape them
into ghosts who gently
whisper they have a reason.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We put it away
 vault safe
 for some rainy day

which comes swiftly
swept up in a cloudy
darkened truth

As if it would save us
when our hearts break
as loved ones fail in
the struggle world
deems worthwhile.

Reality gnarls and grips
sharpened by the need
sorrow won’t succumb
to its bite.

 We store our “treasure”
 only to find poverty awaits
 in the shadows.

And when what matters
most is devoured
the notion we’re doing
what’s “ right” feels so empty.

Mi na Samhna (November) re-posted from 11/12


Mi na Samhna

She came,
cloaked in gray,
somber in her arrival
I sought the sun,
so well hidden
in her shadows
of  dying
sleepy in the  fruitless waiting 
for rebirth.

She promised resurrection
but faith is hard to come by
when hands clench
in the cold remembrance
of all that has perished.
I have tried to embrace her,
her touch is cold,
that all things end.