Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Will Remember

 I Will Remember

 I will remember a world
 lost to the masses,
 lonely in its material guise
 and shallow soul.

I will take hold
in my heart
the memories when justice
was a worthy passion
and kindness fed the emptiness.

 I will remember
 the youth I left behind
 with  remorse for it fed
 me lies and left me hungry.

I will remember
all those things
I fought for,
some I attained,
many I lost-

But most of all
I will remember
that being here-

Brought me the joy
of knowing there was love..


  1. smiles. love covers a multitude you know...and despite all our challenges...ther is love still in the world...

  2. It has a nice air of melancholy… I like the idea of justice as a worthy passion.

  3. "when justice
    was a worthy passion"
    yes, this.

  4. What a lovely ending, Lisa. If, when we look back at life we can remember such love, that is a beautiful thing.

  5. Oh first all reasons to remember .. and finally that end... like icing on the cake...

  6. Lisa,

    I love the hardness of the reality, yet that there was some love involved, seems to have saved the total distress.....
    You always seem to write in a way that captures much of my own thoughts too. A delight to seek out your words Lisa:)


  7. Marc Breed said...
    Voodoo Stew

    People are moving ever faster,
    More spin scorches my eyes.
    My value is in a state
    Of constant flux,
    Measured by the fleeting
    Glances of women.
    True solace remains
    Deeply veiled.
    I opt of Art,
    A hearty cauldron of
    Voodoo Stew.

    Marc Breed
    America’s Fetish Photographer

    November 23, 2013 at 8:15 AM

  8. oh wow Lisa this is beautiful, very personal and honest you never cease to impress

  9. Full of truth and, ahh, glad to find the love at the end.


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