Sunday, June 29, 2014

Graduation Day

For Kayla

You stand out
amongst the crowd 
leaving childhood behind

to venture into the future
seeking the freedom of new

 As I remember all the years-

Holding your hand
as we walked together
down the hall to your first
day of kindergarten, reluctantly
I let you go.

Visiting you at lunch
lonely for each other,
looking forward to Halloween
shedding formality for memories.

learning to swim,
always wanting to venture further-
reluctantly, I let you go.

Hearing you sing
to KT Tunstall
on the way to school
the beauty of your voice
filling me.

Fifth Grade Graduation-
as we blew bubbles
saying goodbye as you rode off
to another new beginning.

Seeing you grow
on stage, a favorite place
from “Character Matters”
to “The Tempest”.

The magic of you
lingers , all the things which
made up a life I will always treasure-
From Build a Bear, Webkins, Peter Rabbit
Polly Pocket to discovering the Beatles,
renewing my love for them.

Lana Del Rey lulling us into
far off places as we eagerly
anticipated seeing your sisters .

You have given me more than I
could ever have hoped for, filled
my days with wonder and beauty.

On this day, when you say goodbye
to childhood, reluctantly I let you go
hoping you will always find solace
in the memories as I do.

Friday, June 20, 2014


It seems darker now,
now that you’re gone-

The breeze reminds me
of the breath you exhaled
so often in sorrow and
loneliness for someone
we both loved so much.

Twenty years ago
we said goodbye
to your sister, yours of blood
mine of fortune.

Your ashes  scatter, filling
 the emptiness she left behind.

Just when I learned of you,
and why your precious
beating deadened the silence
of loss, you were whisked away
in the dark and I never had a chance
to say goodbye.