Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Did I abandon
my body
when she grew tired
of nurturing all but herself?

Bitterness filling
a now fruitless womb.
How stale the taste of age
on the tongue of one who
longs for new.

Letting them go,
no easy task
for forever loving them.

Still I remember
the joy of their years
sharing that part of myself I see
 leaving for an unknown place.

Always bound
to taunt heartstrings
like a harp
the music slow and mournful
with a painful beauty of leaving
it all behind.

Still the echoes
fill the years-
Loving was not always easy
the emptiness it leaves-

 In a darkened room
 filled with shadows,
 I gather memories, stored
safe in the deepest marrow

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

She-Wolf (for deverse Animal Symbolism)

Isn’t she lonely?

pacing with the hungry

Waiting for her to decide
all things, mother earth
beneath her feet
trembling with all
 the world’s weight.

She herself carries
A brood of lost,
half-blinded by the darkness
sun doesn’t show her the way,
familiar paths guide;
dark forests forbid.

Still she ventures
 instinct carries
the burden,
bowing to the greatness
of a silent knowing.

Save them.
Save them,
the ancient words
echo between stone
always she hears the
whispering, bone-born chant-

Dying would be easy,
carrying fate
breaks solitary wishes.