Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lost Innocence (for deverse; Fair)

I thought it
would be fair

way back when
before I learned
of atrocity

Sitting in a classroom
15, blinded by what
I thought it meant to
be human

Kind, compassionate,

Then truth stabbed me
in that room filled with peers-

As we fixed our gaze
on a slideshow of genocide
mastered by a madman
supported by his followers

Men, women and children
all heaped in mass of
“ethnic cleansing”

I remember crying, unable
to sleep
asking my dad how such a thing
could happen, not once but
many times?

He shook his head
unable to find an answer. 

I will be haunted
from the visions
of concentration camps.

 I felt my innocence
die that day.
and still I wonder
how life could be
so far from fair?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ghost (for deverse; The Book of Dead Man)

Am I a ghost?

A lingering presence
caught between then
And now.
It was not easy
shedding flesh
for spirit-

All the longing,
wishes I let die
I thought the mirrors lied-

Telling me I was dying

I wasn’t finished-

Prayers went unanswered

Glad I wasn’t a prophet
to my own demise

I was a fate
I never knew.