Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ghost (for deverse; The Book of Dead Man)

Am I a ghost?

A lingering presence
caught between then
And now.
It was not easy
shedding flesh
for spirit-

All the longing,
wishes I let die
I thought the mirrors lied-

Telling me I was dying

I wasn’t finished-

Prayers went unanswered

Glad I wasn’t a prophet
to my own demise

I was a fate
I never knew.


  1. watching yourself die; the prayers aren't being answered bcus God is busy calling you... Haunting to think about; yet, the element of beauty here is it was fate, and not by your own hand.

  2. Maybe its for the best ~ I wouldn't want to be a prophet to my own demise either ~

    Thanks for joining in Lisa and wishing you happy week ~

  3. i imagine there are quite a few that have things they wish they could still do when that moment comes...and i bet a lot of last minute prayers for longer...but when the time comes....

  4. I feel the same as Grace, wouldn't want to be prophet to my own demise.

  5. Oh, love the ending... Yes, how different things would be if we knew when we would go... But I'm kind of glad that we don't.

  6. I think when it comes to comes as a surprise it's really better than if you've been your own prophet.. What a magnificent end.

  7. i guess some folks never truly know life or death.. as they seem to live somewhere in between.. of too fearful of life and death.. so it seems to embrace the gift of death.. is the path to live the gift of death..
    truly understanding both are equal partners in life and death..:)

  8. I think life and death are largely fated. We get to have some influence on how we react and respond but we die when we are meant to die....

  9. this made me think of all the dead wishes floating around out there. great ending.

  10. The line "I wasn't finished" really stands out to me. Although it would be a bummer to leave before we are finished doing important things, it would be worse to not live a meaningful life. In other words, I hope I never get to a point where I think I'm finished with life.

  11. Delicate yet uncompromising. I think you have expressed something very true about human nature.

  12. Thank you all, love hearing from you.


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