Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The River (For Ella)

The River
(For Ella)

The sweet sound
of her sleeping
between white sheets
sun-scented from a noonday sky

She hung them to dry as the wind
whipped and lashed the fairness from her face.

She stared toward the river
feeling it pulling her back
to that day when all above
was blue and still-

Until her heart tore
when she heard his cry
knowing she couldn't save him
from something so deep.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fences (re-posted from 01/2013)


Tell me
of the fences,
places you’ve crossed
and climbed
of the splintered flesh
which has healed
when the chain was broken,
 the gate opened
where the once petrified fear
crumbled in its stone
and life began anew
once more-
behind those planks of painted white,
hiding the worn and weathered
hurt you left behind.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lady Blue (MLM prompt 17 optimist, pessimist, realist)

 Lady Blue

Lady Blue
I remember you-

In the depths
of sought perfection.

I hear your silence
between the words-

Thoughts not spoken
fear holds them captive.

If you were to say them,
wouldn’t the world shudder

in the bare bone honesty
that all is not right?

 The years were not
 always kind
 and love crucified the beauty
 it was supposed to cherish.

Lady Blue
I remember you.

You  still stare
through the looking glass.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Weave me a heaven
which will sustain me-

Fill my sky with cloudless blue
on those lost days when tears
cannot be held between the words.

Weave me a heaven
where I remember
you as you once were,

filled to the marrow
with hope and endless
desires no hell could extinguish.

Weave me a heaven
where breath is sacred
and when the snow falls
I am not hidden in the cold
searching for that island

surrounded by old dreams
that now awaken me in the
stillness under the moonlit sky.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Metamorphosis (re-posted from 11/23/12) In response to Mindlovemisery poetry prompt 16, Life Lessons

Lisa A.Williams

And so we stand
facing each other
ghosts haunting our past
fear lingering
in the dark of ourselves.
Years have made us strong
we embrace it all-
the old we couldn’t let go of,
the new which
 fills us with hesitation.
We sift through all
 those days we
 breathed away,
scattering ourselves
to a merciless wind
who will transform us-
                                                                   in spite of ourselves.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Deep

The Deep
Lisa A.Williams

Salty taste of you
in my tears
pulling me downward
to the sands I have never seen
with these all too human eyes.

I know they are there
like the soul knows
its maker.

You rise above me,
pushing the earthiness back
to its roots.

Deep blue-
mirror of the sky,
waiting for the moon-
Milky white ghost
who haunts these shores
I call home.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ocean (re-posted from 2012)

Lisa A. Williams


In your sound
I am silent.

In your depths
I feel forever.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Those Childhood Dreams (Mindlovemisery poetry prompt #15 Childhood Dreams)

Those Childhood Dreams
Lisa A.Williams

Ask me-
of her dreams

Little girl with eyes like mom
Tears like dad, seldom shed

Ask me
what she wished way back when
the world was small and she still
didn’t fit in

Ask me
What she wanted to be
other than accepted by
the cold blue stare
like hers, not like hers

For she always sought
 the warmth
 the embrace

Ask me
and I will tell you
how she still wishes
her father didn’t die

Her mother wasn’t forever lost-
A ghostlike image lingering
in faded photographs
which never showed the true color
of her eyes

 Ask me
if she still dreams-

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August (reposted from 2012)

by Lisa A.Williams

came and
I remembered the
onslaught of things lost
fading in their sun scorched
fields, withering to fall's intrusion filled 
with promises of redemption, I breathed in 
her solemn splendor, felt summer's sorrow knowing she
would return in her same old lazy way; she 
would be unchanged, it is I who would be different.