Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fences (re-posted from 01/2013)


Tell me
of the fences,
places you’ve crossed
and climbed
of the splintered flesh
which has healed
when the chain was broken,
 the gate opened
where the once petrified fear
crumbled in its stone
and life began anew
once more-
behind those planks of painted white,
hiding the worn and weathered
hurt you left behind.


  1. There seem always to be fences to climb or one more gate with a chain that needs to be we can get to the other side and leave something (such as the hurt mentioned in the last line) behind!!

  2. Powerful Lisa and what a fantastic metaphor. So much pain and raw emotion in this.

    The new prompt is up

    1. Thank you. I couldn't come up with anything for the new prompt, have had a case of writer's block the past week, will keep trying though.

  3. dang. quite evocative...i am teaching on suffering today and i like your use of the fences in this....and getting at that wound/hurt....and life beginning anew....def resonating with your words this morning...

  4. I love this...reminds me of conversations I had with my mother. And conversations I've had with my children. Beautiful, Lisa.

  5. i love it, love the images, the things that count.

  6. hurt , sometimes tells us about true nature of people


  7. a new beginning, has so much hope with it......

  8. I especially love the closing lines.

  9. Yes, climbing fences is a strong metaphor for hurdles, obstacles ... the wounds on the journey. Love how the poem ended on a positive note ... of healing, moving forward. Well done! :)

  10. Excellent use of the fences ~ Lovely share Lisa ~

  11. Great use of the extended metaphor.... fences hold out or keep in.... and gates, when open by intention or accident, extends the possible. Very nice poem!

  12. I just love your use of metaphor in this. Deep, with an aching type of beauty, as you are so excellent at doing!

  13. powerful words. life's lessons are learned like this.


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