Wednesday, May 13, 2015

House (for deverse; Layers 05/13/3015}

It offered new beginnings
nestled in the shadows of
pines and towering maples-

The sound of a stream
filling the air on that
late summer afternoon
when he promised
things would be different.

She peered inside, a little enclosed porch
bathed in dimming sunlight,
through the window the bookshelves
empty lulling to be filled

Old hardwood floors
in need of a family
to dust away years of neglect

A half finished kitchen
soon to be filled with the smells
of home.

Peeling wallpaper,
uneasy on the eyes
replaced by colors of
sea and sand

waiting to be kept-

Only to broken
by rage and illness
once again, the family shattered
by the lies of " love".

She sits alone
surrounded by all that
would never be enough for him

Seeking solace in the emptiness
still hearing the distant echo 
of the life which leaves her bleeding.

He sits alone
body broken
spirit fading
by all the lies
he left behind.