Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Wind (for deverse; Winds of March)

Would you take this
wind of change?

How cold it blows-
Chilling my bones

It does not dry my tears
but burns my skin
as I bare my bones
In truth’s stark gaze

Am I mourning?
Yes all the things
I let die,
those bits of self
which never cried-

As you face me now
so lost by the darkness
of not remembering

How chilling the gale-
Gusts in remembrance
of the half life we lived

And now
there is even less
still I carry the burden
of all the wishes
put to death
by the breath exhaled
in the forest who sighs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Phoenix Rising (for deverse; Poetic Confessions)

 Phoenix rising
from the ashes
of our grief-

We are reborn
made anew.

Holding our tears
glistening in sapphire blue.

The scars of rose colored talons
digging deep into the marrow
of memory

Of what once was
before lightning struck,
scars still burning
bright as sun, remembering
that dark winter night-

When our lives changed
and you could no longer
remember my name.