Saturday, January 31, 2015

Must We Tear Ourselves Away? (for deverse, open link;January 31, 2015

Must we tear ourselves away?

Always waiting for the arrival
Of a new happiness,
So often she eludes us-

Through the open door
On a summer’s day
Vanishing with the breeze

Taking our thoughts
To some distant star
Born in the night

When all along
She sat beside us
We were just too busy
Chasing her ghost.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ella (for deverse-Hair;01/27/15

How I loved to
Sit beside you

Watch you loosen
Long, gray strands


For those days
When the mane of auburn
Burned with fiery youth

Courted by the Scotsman
My grandfather
His gaze enough to make you blush

The tears well up
In your tired eyes
He no longer remembers you

Only that he can’t use his right arm
Can’t plant the gardens
Can’t hold anything dear to him

 The brush strokes
You sigh his name
And as it hits the floor

You know
You can’t hold it anymore

"You Can Tell Which Girls Lack Mothers By The Look of Their Hair" (Re-Posted from 2013) for deverse Hair; 01/27/15

When I looked into the mirror
 I knew she wasn’t there

Lost in some distant place
where sanity, shipwrecked

lie buried in the sand-
Mother’s hallowed sanctuary
where daughters didn’t exist.

with boy cropped hair
searching for beauty which wasn’t
there .

Seeking communion-
lost little girls
in grass stained jeans

Digging for China
in backyards

Not to be seen
much less heard

in her silent world
where we never tread.

We never reached China
that far off land
on the other side of the world

Still we dug, reaching and reaching….

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Myth (for deverse Poetics-Photography of Totomai Martinez: Mood)

I am the myth
which holds
your sanity-

A lie which feeds
your loneliness

in stillborn promises never kept,
somedays in embryonic sleep
their birth never labored-

I am the myth
which chains me. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Remember (for deverse;; Deja vu 2014)

I remember-
silent seas
the first stirrings of life

sprouting wings
fins and limbs
learning to breathe

I remember sinning
tasting forbidden
craving knowledge
bowing beneath
the blue

I remember how I loved
believing it was true

stripped of self
feeling one with
endless climbs
and being made anew

I remember
being born
over and over again
as time held me in its embrace

I died a little
from the stillness
of all I lost to a year.