Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ella (for deverse-Hair;01/27/15

How I loved to
Sit beside you

Watch you loosen
Long, gray strands


For those days
When the mane of auburn
Burned with fiery youth

Courted by the Scotsman
My grandfather
His gaze enough to make you blush

The tears well up
In your tired eyes
He no longer remembers you

Only that he can’t use his right arm
Can’t plant the gardens
Can’t hold anything dear to him

 The brush strokes
You sigh his name
And as it hits the floor

You know
You can’t hold it anymore


  1. oy, heavy....so hard being with one you love and loved...and have them not even remember you....the name falling to the floor was particularly vivid...

  2. Lisa, the longing in this poem is palpable. If only one could relive those memories.....

  3. How terribly sad Lisa ~ The fact that he doesn't remember anymore is even more tragic ~

  4. A long hard goodbye here...you carried the emotion in your words. I remember watching my grandma brush out her long gray hair...

  5. the not remembering...that is so hard...that was my grandmother for the last number of years of her life.

  6. This is an excellent piece. Poignant, simple and full of depth. It is heartbreaking that he cannot remember anymore - those lost memories are priceless.

  7. Ah.. if only more people can find a way to go forth in that reality and so many more and make now a heaven that never ends for now at least... life so precious now so great.. never to spend a worry for now.. alive as one.. can be alive..:)

  8. So sad.. and when it has come to that point.. The hair and the changes reflected in those memories.. very sad, very real.

  9. A beautiful poem that brings one to tears.

  10. Lisa, you are still one of my fav poets of the blogosphere. And this poem is just one of the reasons why.


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