Saturday, September 28, 2013

"You Can Tell Which Girls Lack Mothers By The Look of Their Hair"

( Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Sunday Mini Challenge-
The Secret Life of Bees)

When I looked into the mirror
 I knew she wasn’t there

Lost in some distant place
where sanity, shipwrecked

lie buried in the sand-
Mother’s hallowed sanctuary
where daughters didn’t exist.

with boy cropped hair
searching for beauty which wasn’t
there .

Seeking communion-
lost little girls
in grass stained jeans

Digging for China
in backyards

Not to be seen
much less heard

in her silent world
where we never tread.

We never reached China
that far off land
on the other side of the world

Still we dug, reaching and reaching….



Does not the flesh
weigh us down
like mermaids
without the sea
to bathe away the human
longing ?

Gravity centers us
forces us to stay-

Always seeking wings
or fins to carry us away

to some distant space
in time, we left behind                                                          

when the hand of God
made us human, knowing
it would be the suffering
which made us strong.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not So Far Away

Not So Far Away

I don’t feel so
far away now-

Like I did all those years
living in your shadow
its darkness only filled
any filtering light I could
 glimpse from time to time.

Just beginning to embrace
all those parts of me
you devoured in your
never ending self-love

 I could never
tell the difference, only
thing I was ever sure of was
that I was dying without the light.

I don’t feel so far away now
I occupy my own shadow
it embraces me and lets me
feel what you never would.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013



You arrive-
 with a different air

Your fiery hue
arrogantly reminds
that even in dying
there is beauty.

Time to put away
those soft floating dreams,
settle down into the warmth
of remembrance-

Knowing they will return
with a new season which
has aged the wisdom from
which they were born.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Different Now

It’s Different Now

It’s different now-

The breeze wakes us
with its autumn chill

Seeking warmth
we overlook each others gaze

Stealing an embrace which
leaves us empty

Still we seek those warm
summer days, long since gone

Too much labor to birth again

to go back and remember
the why of us-

For it leaves us lonely.

Monday, September 16, 2013

For Dad Who Loved Hank Williams

For Dad, Who loved Hank Williams

I feel you
when I listen-

To his old songs, remembering you
 lost in their timeless words of heartache
 in the lyrics of a man wiping away
 tears, “so lonesome" he "could cry"-

Empty in a place where love
never slept and wishing haunted
the halls with its dark pleas.

Letting Go

Only at times
will I confess-

The loss I am feeling
letting you go

to all those places
daughters must tread
to find themselves.

Some are dark
and frighten me.
Some are so close
but I must keep my distance

feeling your roots
breaking free from
all you know.

There is an emptiness
growing where I kept
your childhood.

I am left wondering
if that space will
remain vacant now that
those days are growing old?

I must cut back the limbs
I held you with, leaving
you just enough to always
feel at home.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Build Me a Castle

Build Me a Castle

Build me a castle
of sand and stone

fortress against raging
sea and sky.

Protector from the wrath
of the storm’s eye

Build me a castle
upon distant shores

Far away from those islands
I drifted to in my youth
where pain bled
but never healed

Build me a castle
from all I know
to be true.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Becoming More (Mindlovemisery prompt 20 Wordle)

Becoming More

Isn’t denial
vicious in its
so-called mercy?

as we wear its thorns
in our pursuit to humbly
accept tragedy as our lot,

fearing to acknowledge
our own self crucifixion.

If we were to discard
this facade, who would
we really be?

Not the self-proclaimed martyr
riding the stars to heaven
but just a simple human being
on the way to becoming more.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Remember (dverse prompt-Try to remember...)

I remember

I remember
the day you fell
from your own grace

 yielding to the world
and its dark wishes

swallowing each bitter pill
until the bottle was empty.

Lazy lids, fluttering as memories
fled, filling the room with their
quiet ghosts

I remember how empty
I felt when I realized I
would never see you again.

Saying goodbye is never easy
but that farewell is still
as bare as bone

even as the sun warms
the memory of you.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Twenty Seven
(Inspired by Amy Jade Winehouse)

Old soul aching-
Too much pain
for one voice to carry.

Notes played hard
Feel the tears behind
each lyric's sigh

as angels bow and break
beneath a silent sky.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fairytales (Mindlovemisery prompt 19 Food- deprivation;apathy)


to be savored
before the bitterness
came home in a heartbeat.

The steady rhythym
lulling into a sleepy surrender
purging the emptiness
with once upon a times
and happily ever afters.

Fed on fairytales-
still hungry.