Monday, September 16, 2013

Letting Go

Only at times
will I confess-

The loss I am feeling
letting you go

to all those places
daughters must tread
to find themselves.

Some are dark
and frighten me.
Some are so close
but I must keep my distance

feeling your roots
breaking free from
all you know.

There is an emptiness
growing where I kept
your childhood.

I am left wondering
if that space will
remain vacant now that
those days are growing old?

I must cut back the limbs
I held you with, leaving
you just enough to always
feel at home.


  1. It must be hard to let go of children as they grow old. But I think there is always a bond, no matter the distance or circumstance. A lovely poem, Lisa :)

    1. Thank you Loredana. I have been through this before with my two older daughters. This time I feel the finality of my last one leaving and it's difficult to realize I don't have a child to mother in the same old way but I do have wonderful relationships with my children so it does make the transition easier.

  2. I feel and hear the voice of the mother ~ We all have the same fear but I believe that our children will always come back to us ~ Beautiful read Lisa ~

    1. Thank you Grace. I have so many wonderful memories raising my daughters and we are all very close, just hard letting the last "baby" go.

  3. This is so well done Lisa. I think moms everywhere could relate to this. Just perfect.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Really hard letting that last one go.

  4. "daughters must tread
    to find themselves." - love this lines. beautiful.

  5. That last stanza is one of the most beautiful stanzas I have ever read! Wow! My daughter is only 5 (she is still rebellious naturally) so she isn't ready to leave the nest yet but reading your poem made me realize how precious this time is (hugs)


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