Sunday, December 30, 2012

Do You Know?

Do you know?
Lisa A.Williams

Do you know
the words
 distant heart,
Eden still sings
in her paradise
so long buried in the
 dreams of men?
How she rose
from the thorns
wiping the blood
of time
from her garments of
Her heart,
 though wounded
still beats
the numinous song
of angels.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Can't Leave This

We Can’t Leave This
(December 14, 2012)
Lisa A.Williams

We can’t leave this
even the earth feels
in her core,
from the loss
of innocence
taken under
a bright sky
who could not see
what lurked in the shadows.
Heaven now cradles
what earthly love cannot.
Their empty arms
embrace each other,
seeking solace
for a grief
                                                                        like no other.

Wednesday's Wishes

Wednesday’s Wishes
Lisa A. Williams

Wednesday’s wishes
followed Mercury’s muse-
So much to say,
enough to fill an empty
Wishes for more,
another life
to begin again
holding death at bay
To remember
all this-
 Cache of understanding
and acceptance
in a place where time
has no mercy;
on the heels of the messenger
                                                                         it flies away

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Can be Said?

What Can be Said ?
Lisa A. Williams

What can be said
about the darkness
which filled
a sunny school day
where a raging monster
took their lives away
with cold metal
so easily put in his hands
bent on destruction?
As little lives
were sacrificed-
 time stopped
for all of us
uniting us in a sorrow
screaming to heaven
as God looked down
and wept on a world
                                                                     gone so wrong

Friday, December 7, 2012

Records in the Snow (reposted from 09/2012)

Records in the Snow
Lisa A.Williams

thin blood
between us.

one stood by,
one abandoning
his absence
always feeding
a green need.

Cast into the cold,
we found our music-
haphazardly tossed
like Frisbees,
landing upright
in a dead of winter snow,
our treasure creating
a warmer air
between us.

Rushing in
to hear old songs-

“Hey Paula”,
our first discovery
followed by
The Tokens
and their sleepy lion
then the Beatles asking
                                                                  if we “want to know
a secret”
and did we “promise
not to tell?”

Girlish giggles
filled the tiny room.
For a short time,
we were bonded
by our love for the music,
only for it to be consumed
by old hurt’s homecoming.

I wonder
after all this time,
if she still remembers
the records in the snow?