Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Can be Said?

What Can be Said ?
Lisa A. Williams

What can be said
about the darkness
which filled
a sunny school day
where a raging monster
took their lives away
with cold metal
so easily put in his hands
bent on destruction?
As little lives
were sacrificed-
 time stopped
for all of us
uniting us in a sorrow
screaming to heaven
as God looked down
and wept on a world
                                                                     gone so wrong


  1. So very true and so very sad, Lisa. Your words verbalize the 'mood' of the day so well. God MUST be weeping. I am so sad for all those parents who have presents for their children who will never receive them; and for children who have lost their parents at Christmas. And I keep wondering: WHY?

  2. Concisely, you articulate what many cannot.

  3. as God looked down
    and wept on a world
    gone so wrong

    Aptly put... and the title is perfect. My mind still can't compute such things... and your words capture that sense...

  4. Yes God is weeping, to be sure! Well done!


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