Friday, December 7, 2012

Records in the Snow (reposted from 09/2012)

Records in the Snow
Lisa A.Williams

thin blood
between us.

one stood by,
one abandoning
his absence
always feeding
a green need.

Cast into the cold,
we found our music-
haphazardly tossed
like Frisbees,
landing upright
in a dead of winter snow,
our treasure creating
a warmer air
between us.

Rushing in
to hear old songs-

“Hey Paula”,
our first discovery
followed by
The Tokens
and their sleepy lion
then the Beatles asking
                                                                  if we “want to know
a secret”
and did we “promise
not to tell?”

Girlish giggles
filled the tiny room.
For a short time,
we were bonded
by our love for the music,
only for it to be consumed
by old hurt’s homecoming.

I wonder
after all this time,
if she still remembers
the records in the snow?


  1. I still like it after seeing it again!

  2. A strong enough memory for more than one, surely.

  3. I remember this piece from your original post. So good Lisa, a wistful write and those first two stanzas suck the breath out of me.

  4. Many vivid memories tied up with music, this one really 'strikes a chord' with me.

  5. This seems quite personal. I really love the ending.


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