Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There is a Window

There is a Window
Lisa A.Williams

In my house
there is a window,
murky with doubt
and duty.
I know there is something
beyond the pane
so clear, revealing itself
to my half closed lids.
Fear filled years
to wipe it clean
and see beyond.
So tainted by debris,
the time consuming task seemed
but I grew tired of dreaming
wishing to see
all that I had missed.
A rain of words-
some following a thunder
I refused to sink-
and tasted truth,
seeing my reflection


  1. I can really identify with this one. What an empowering message. Great work, Lisa.

  2. Once again you nail it. Evocative piece Lisa.

  3. Ahh.... sometimes we have to go for such a long time before the penny drops, the light comes on and we suffer...yet, in that suffering we learn so much about who we are and who we can become.
    This is very empowering. Lovely poem.

  4. I wanted you to open the window. Breathe deep the air, then climb down the trellis that will support you there.

  5. To know ones self and act upon it is the reflection, good poem Lisa,

  6. Nice when we can finally see ourselves clearly!! Well done, poet, well done!


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