Monday, November 26, 2012

In The Doorway

In The Doorway
Lisa A.Williams

The masses,
cloaked in ritzy black
passing without
 Girl in the doorway
 beautiful face
bathed in addiction.

at the life not hers-
 huddled in embryonic loss
shivering in
 December’s cold embrace,
thirsty veins in want
of Utopia.


  1. like this piece very much. Has an elegance about it, with a beautiful flow. Thanks you.

  2. I respect how you speak of the reality of addiction and leave out the judgement. I feel for the girl in the poem because of your compassionate and realistic description of her. Very moving.

  3. Many of your poems, like life itself, are sad and beautiful at the same time. This dual nature of experience is something I always find interesting when reflected in art. Great work! Wow! You are prolific. This particular poem reminded me of another piece on the same subject by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Elizabeth Cook. It's called "My heroin addict sister" from her magnificent album, Welder.


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