Friday, November 23, 2012


Lisa A.Williams

And so we stand
facing each other
ghosts haunting our past
fear lingering
in the dark of ourselves.
Years have made us strong
we embrace it all-
the old we couldn’t let go of,
the new which
 fills us with hesitation.
We sift through all
 those days we
 breathed away,
scattering ourselves
to a merciless wind
who will transform us-
                                                                    in spite of ourselves.


  1. This is so spot-on. Your poetry continually speaks to me, I so connect with it. Deep, excellent write.

  2. Fantastic. Transformation is the journey "in spite of ourselves". I so resonate with this poem.

  3. Strong write here. Facing another person, despite the ghosts haunting the have captured the feeling / the experience well.

    Consider getting rid of that CAPTCHA thing. It doesn't make a blog very user friendly.

  4. I like how breathing links to wind at the end. Fantastic joining of ideas.

  5. Wow. Love this one. I can really relate and I LOVE the ending, so,so true that we have no say over the way we change and evolve. I think that is why transformation is so powerful and crucial. Magical piece.


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