Sunday, July 27, 2014

For Them

He holds his head
anchored by the heaviness
of knowing

Staring into her eyes
the blue fading
misty gray from all the tears

Decades they remember
sharing the same window
high school sweethearts

Consummating love
in the tall grass
beneath a pale moon

Bowing trees paying
homage to the dark
where the years lie still
waiting to be born

The children came
one after the other
filling the tiny cabin

Rooms were added
love grew strong
an unbreakable bond
only death could sever

He holds his head
anchored by the heaviness
of knowing

He will leave it all behind
no choice was given
the fight now
draws to a close

All the weapons
piled high
useless armor
against the enemy.

She runs her fingers
through the few strands
remaining, still loving
as she waits another day
knowing soon she will
have to say good-bye

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The River (for Ella)

The River
(For Ella)

Don’t you hear it?
The sweet sound
of her slumber
between the white sheets
breathing of sun from a noonday sky

where she hung them
as the wind whipped and lashed
the fairness from her face.

She stared toward the river
feeling it pulling her back
to that day when all above was
blue and still, until her heart
tore when she heard his cry

knowing she couldn’t save him
from something so deep.