Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The River (for Ella)

The River
(For Ella)

Don’t you hear it?
The sweet sound
of her slumber
between the white sheets
breathing of sun from a noonday sky

where she hung them
as the wind whipped and lashed
the fairness from her face.

She stared toward the river
feeling it pulling her back
to that day when all above was
blue and still, until her heart
tore when she heard his cry

knowing she couldn’t save him
from something so deep.


  1. first i was thinking she was the innocent child there...hanging the sun and breathing light...but then i felt her the mother...wishing she could protect her child...we all hope...but we can not.

  2. Nice to hear from you Brian. I wrote this last year about my grandmother who suffered a terrible loss.

  3. Oh wow those last lines are particularly gut-wrenching beautiful poem


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