Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Different Now

It’s Different Now

It’s different now-

The breeze wakes us
with its autumn chill

Seeking warmth
we overlook each others gaze

Stealing an embrace which
leaves us empty

Still we seek those warm
summer days, long since gone

Too much labor to birth again

to go back and remember
the why of us-

For it leaves us lonely.


  1. "Seeking warmth we overlook each others gaze" ouch. Can it be bridged to get back to the "why of us"? I hope so...labor can be worth the effort...moving piece, cuts to the heart. Well done Lisa.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. One never knows if going back to find the reason for a relationship will salvage it. I do agree it's worth the effort to at least try.

  2. The ending is sad with the "why of us" ~ I feel the autumn chill of this poem ~

  3. sad when remembering "the why of us" leaves us lonely & the stolen embrace no longer excites - there's much of the downside of autumn here, i feel it

  4. remembering the why of us...that def can lead down a sad road for sure...esp if we have to...and the empty feeling...def a sad poem....which fits the season...

  5. *Too much labor to birth again" that is a powerful powerful line, this poem is so lonely and heart-breaking beautifully written

  6. there is so much feeling in your words, and it's about a lot more than seasons.. but autumn is a great metaphor for sadness.... love it

  7. Autumn is a reflective time, and this is a reflective poem. Sometimes it is hard to discover the why's of things in regard to relationships.

  8. looking without seeing and sadly we blind ourselves to those rare things that can set us free! Excellent writing.

  9. An embrace that leaves us empty says so much. Beautiful poem, Lisa.

  10. A gently sad poem, with gentle truths.

  11. So sad...life changes us. Try as we must we can't recapture what was...beautiful poem


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