Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not So Far Away

Not So Far Away

I don’t feel so
far away now-

Like I did all those years
living in your shadow
its darkness only filled
any filtering light I could
 glimpse from time to time.

Just beginning to embrace
all those parts of me
you devoured in your
never ending self-love

 I could never
tell the difference, only
thing I was ever sure of was
that I was dying without the light.

I don’t feel so far away now
I occupy my own shadow
it embraces me and lets me
feel what you never would.


  1. It is a good place to be when one can feel good within oneself and feel the embrace of one's own shadow. Strong poem here, Lisa.

  2. I don't know even know what to say........except that I could totally relate to this poem.

  3. whew. quite the emotion in this one...esp that last bit...on embracing your own shadow and those places they never would...

  4. I've known people like that, who need to suck others dry in oder that they may live and flourish. Am glad you managed to find your own way out into the light, that you are able to create your own shadow. Although, of course, it is always dangerous to believe that a poem is autobiographical or confessional.

  5. I'm so glad you you're no longer suffering like that. This is so powerful and emotive.

  6. It can be breath-taking! One often is taken by people like that! As long as one can get out of it, it's ok or it may be painful. Glad you managed to get out of it! Nicely Lisa!


  7. Shadow people run away. What a metaphor...Good...Good...

  8. Hmmm. I read this as most people seemed to take it, but on another level as a first person point of view of death. But I guess that's morbid me. In any case, very evocative write.

  9. I occupy my own shadow... that summarize it so well... loved it

  10. This is so delicately written, tackling a tough subject. Occupying your own shadow, so you disappear... Very well done.

  11. Oh this is a powerful and painful poem but there is hope and strength as well. I am glad you are free now


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