Saturday, January 31, 2015

Must We Tear Ourselves Away? (for deverse, open link;January 31, 2015

Must we tear ourselves away?

Always waiting for the arrival
Of a new happiness,
So often she eludes us-

Through the open door
On a summer’s day
Vanishing with the breeze

Taking our thoughts
To some distant star
Born in the night

When all along
She sat beside us
We were just too busy
Chasing her ghost.


  1. sad ending...always chasing after her, when we missed the opportunity while she was right beside us....perhaps because we have our own hope of what happiness is, so that we dont recognize what we have....

  2. That last verse described so much...right there all the time...a very sad reminder that we should open our eyes.

  3. Ah, I do think that oftentimes happiness does sit beside us...and, as we are too busy searching elsewhere, we just don't see it!

  4. I think you capture that feeling we have when we live a distracted life - so often we chase the next thing.

  5. Indeed Lisa - the pause is the thing... Real truth here, beautifully and soulfully captured... With Best Wishes Scott

  6. I love the idea of happiness always with us, waiting for us to noticed her ~ When I was younger, I always said, I will be happy if......but now that I am older, I say, I am happy right here, right now ~ Thanks for joining in Lisa ~

  7. Oh to see beyond the end of our noses ... we look and look, yet never see. Well done.

  8. Neat image of a personified happiness who was not a thief after all!

  9. Sometimes we spend years chasing something that wasn't really there, but it is when we come to realize that what we were chasing was worth it that really matters.


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