Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Remember (for deverse; http://www.nickgentry.com; Deja vu 2014)

I remember-
silent seas
the first stirrings of life

sprouting wings
fins and limbs
learning to breathe

I remember sinning
tasting forbidden
craving knowledge
bowing beneath
the blue

I remember how I loved
believing it was true

stripped of self
feeling one with
endless climbs
and being made anew

I remember
being born
over and over again
as time held me in its embrace

I died a little
from the stillness
of all I lost to a year.



  1. Such a poignant recollection of the past year ~ I like to imagine the experience "of being born over and over again as time held me in its embrace" ~

    Enjoyed your interpretation Lisa ~ Wishing you a Happy New Year ~

  2. nice...the birth death connection...and the losing a bit of yourself with each...its real...we have a new year now...one we can do what we will with....

  3. This makes me think of how the years endlessly renew

  4. Ah, each year has losses, I think. The older one gets the more losses per year...fact of life. Sigh.

  5. Wow - intense. A philosophical journey, closed with an emotional journey.
    Nicely done !

  6. rebirth, renewal, with karma being a bitch, year after year, lifetime after lifetime; I can dig it--from Genesis to Generation X, from the flood to the laminate flooring; your take is very unique, as much anthropologic as biblical, as Zen as a rope noose around a rose bush; flipped my new Age buttons; thanks.

  7. A year can be so much loss.. The repetition of I remember makes this so effective.. and so much more sad. Hope the New Year brings good tidings..

  8. yeah... I think about this sometimes... how as time passes, we lose more each year; I've just turned 23; and watching my fam get older, friends moving away... but, you can't let that ruin the time you have on this earth.

  9. A lot to think about here. It is true that the longer we live the more loss we suffer but we also see new life and hope for tomorrow. Always the merging of happy and sorrow, loss and gain - two sides to the coin.

  10. Yes.. it can be hard to come so far.. yet stop in distance and space.. and go no more.. but then to go again.. is respite from empty yesteryear.. for fuller life.. in yes to life!..in now!..:)

  11. As always, you can reach inside the reader and touch the most vulnerable places with your words---smiles to you Lisa

  12. I can really feel the connection of your poem to this image....the reflective expression in her face pairs well with the "I remember"'s. Nice write!


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