Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Myth (for deverse Poetics-Photography of Totomai Martinez: Mood)

I am the myth
which holds
your sanity-

A lie which feeds
your loneliness

in stillborn promises never kept,
somedays in embryonic sleep
their birth never labored-

I am the myth
which chains me. 


  1. I wonder if we all have myths which chain us....and whether each of us is our own myth.

  2. dang. solid piece...and in my opinion calls it as it is....
    killer opening stanza...and i like how you build from there..
    and wrap back to it in the end...

  3. Their birth never labored, wow this imagery is striking Lisa ~ Such a moody moody poem ~ Thanks for joining in ~

  4. Wow. This really tie the myths to ourselves. The imagery in the third stanza is mind boggling.

  5. eloquence. a different take on the word - myth

  6. oh heck.. that is very well expressed truth here!


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