Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Phoenix Rising (for deverse; Poetic Confessions)

 Phoenix rising
from the ashes
of our grief-

We are reborn
made anew.

Holding our tears
glistening in sapphire blue.

The scars of rose colored talons
digging deep into the marrow
of memory

Of what once was
before lightning struck,
scars still burning
bright as sun, remembering
that dark winter night-

When our lives changed
and you could no longer
remember my name.


  1. so tough when they cannot remember the name - made me think of dementia - to lose someone like this is so painful

  2. I really like how you combine tender colors with hard words like talons.. and yet when you come to the end the images really clears and the images is seen in a new light.. wonderful piece Lisa.

  3. Beautiful imagery.

  4. Very sad if someone forgets your name. A name is such an important thing to a person.

  5. How tragic if someone forgets your name ~ The loss of memories is one of my greatest fear ~


  6. powerful; forgetting a name is a big deal. Harsh truths with bold colors--I dig the mix.

  7. This is one of my biggest fears....the loss of memory...or having a loved one forget who I am to him/her.

  8. ouch...that closure is rather stomach turning..
    when they forget your name...the most personal thing we have...

    I took this two ways...one was a shattering relationship...but I guess another is dementia...and that does frighten me...

  9. The colors you employ in this poem are engaging and your closing line echoes emotively. Great write.

  10. Lisa... this was truly beautiful and touching. I was moved by the last stanza..
    "When our lives changed
    and you could no longer
    remember my name."

  11. Absolutely agree with Bjorne there - a perfect blend of words. Beautiful use of metaphor too.

  12. i like to think love exists and lives on.. without words or even memories.. or even life.. when love lives ON.. in eyes WHO continue to love..:)

  13. You struck a chord here, Lisa. My family experienced this with my mom in her final months. How poignant.

  14. The imagery is beautiful in this poem - the "tears glistening in sapphire blue". So poignant and heartbreaking when we begin to lose a loved one even before they are gone. Lisa, would you please email me at wildwoman2@shaw.ca? I have something to ask you! Thanks, kiddo.


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