Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Brother, the King (for deverse; Let's get a little medieval)

My Brother, the King

Am I envious?

Of the crown he wears
The women who succumb
To his royal advances,
The palace in which he lives,
Abundant in its material guise,
Dungeon of doom.

His thoughts,
Hold no more value
Than my own

His teachings
Instilled with cruelty
And punishment
No rod is spared
For his inability to

As he lay quivering
In a dark corner haunted 
by the memory of misunderstanding
wounded still from the bruises
of childhood.

Such fine clothes
Adorn his frailty
He hides his fear
Dancing with the Queen
Who does not love him
Simply a womb with a crown.

Am I envious
Of my brother
As I live outside
His prison of contempt?

 Even though I am-
Poor and wanting

I do not envy
my brother, the king
For I am wealthy
In love
And all the poverty
Of being cast aside,

Child of our father’s mistress.

I am warmer
In the fields of want
Than I could ever hope
To be
Within the confines
Of his prison

I hear him weep at night.
Do you?


  1. Having wealth in love is the best wealth of all....better than all the 'fine clothes' of any 'king.'

  2. amen...wealth is not the answer...some think it makes it easier...but once attained it can be hard to hold...and lead to decisions that def haunt...

  3. All that wealth and grand clothes will not make him happy & bring him love ~ I can hear him weeping too ~ I specially like this line:

    I am warmer
    In the fields of want

    Good one Lisa ~

  4. Better to be poor and loved than to have everything but love. Great response.

  5. Oh how I love this. "A womb with a crown", and the warm heart of the cast aside. I would rather be "in the fields of want", too. In fact, I am, LOL!!!!!

  6. ..and yet, with all that said, I hear a trace of envy. Can't imagine why he would want any of that!

  7. def. those who love and are being loved are way richer than those that live in a castle...

  8. The line of blood with all it meant of wealth, still a golden prison where he only can be in respect by using the whip. For sure I think the bastard son would grow stronger...

  9. In a timely way reminds me of 50 shades of grey.. a the dead heart soul.. in spirit will not flow.. given planes.. trains.. automobiles of a King's ransom.. love will not grow.. without the water of nurture.. as the King of heArts.. spawns no heart of kings...:)

  10. Very nice! Love trumps wealth and power every time. Envy eats the soul. Peace, Linda

  11. "Simply a womb with a crown." powerful line, deep, emotional write. My mother has a brother who is wealthy (married a rich woman) and he believes himself to be better than the rest of the family. Anytime he would visit he was always very degrading to us and this reminded me of that

    mindlovemisery Yves

  12. very interesting take. no, not envious... ~


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