Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For You (for deverse- A Poem From the Future)

For You

I know you never believed
you’d still be standing
painting your dreams
with those crooked hands
your body, fighting itself
like  an unwelcome intruder-

Yet here you are
reading these lines
penned by those swollen, red
works of art God didn’t let time

And how the grandchildren
love you, so happy you are here
to hold their babies-

Benjamin, the sweet and gentle child
grew up to be everything you imagined.
 How he reminds you of yourself,
 always searching, grasping time
 knowing it is all too fleeting.

The little girl, you called Baby P.
holds her son and sings the songs
Gammie taught her, old Motown
remembering your gentle voice.

Baby Kay holds her children
tells them the story of Margaret,
The Happy Cub, filled with hugs
and good wishes and how you
brought her to life, more precious
than the prize you told her one day
she would win for helping to heal
the wounded.

Your three girls
still hold you close
treasuring all the moments
you shared with them,
years reflecting the bluest eyes.

As you all have witnessed
the changing world,
no longer a digital age
of cold communication

It has returned to the human touch
 we all missed for so long.

The sun still shines brightly,
the moon lulls the sleeping
and though you are now old
and waiting, you know 
how blessed you have been.


  1. i am glad it returned to the human touch...that is needed, i believe...
    and what a reassurance to know that all are well...and have grown...
    and the influence and impact they had by knowing you...smiles.

  2. What a lovely future that would be - our children and grandchildren remembering us and achieving their dreams ~ I hope for the return to the human touch too ~

    I enjoyed the personal share and I wish you this blessed future for yourself~ Thanks for joining in Lisa ~

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  5. I. Absolutely. LOVE. This. Poem. What a loving and wonderful future, envisioning the grandchildren, grown, with children of their own.........wow. Stellar!

  6. What a detailed and positive future you see Lisa... You have blended in depth and hope to our future. I like how we have returned to the human touch.

  7. I love this.. Such positive dreams of closeness and remembering. I needed all that hope today.

  8. A very personal and endearing response to the prompt, full of family closeness and loving. Absolutely charming and hopeful!

  9. I love how going into the future, there is a return to the human touch; the cell phone craze is too much nowadays... sweet write

  10. so full of endearing touch the only mantra of survival....beautifully written...

  11. you should read this at nursing homes on family day... maybe it'll inspire the relatives to visit more often... as it should be

  12. Ah, feeling blessed as one looks back on one's life is a wonderful feeling. The human touch of others, no matter what age, is so very important and necessary.

  13. Your letter is a true indication of "the return of the human touch." Each scene moved me closer to joy as I drank in the possibility that family could be the source of renewal as it holds our memory and recalls our hugs and love.

  14. ThEre is no greater power than human love consisting of relative free will.. faith.. hope.. belief.. in living now.. with TRUST in the rest of nature..and tHere is a growing Truth and Wisdom in the power and beauty of life.. and with that comes appreciation of the blessings that CAN BE GRATITUDE FOR LIFE.. that is the contagious power of the Karma of loving coming FULL CIRCLE TO NOW..:)1!


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