Sunday, February 15, 2015

My House, Half Empty

I occupy too many rooms
All sparse
Only fragments of me
Fill the shadows

No one room
Can I fill
Vacant, a flickering of light
Soon extinguished
By  indifference.

The pearl, hidden in the
Confines of world
Blinding its eye

Although it burns brightly
In all that is human
It offers no riches deemed worthy.

It is a pauper’s song
Ancient lyrics of a search
For the why and the need
of the poets who are always hungry. 


  1. Oh I think this is one of my favourites of yours, Lisa. I especially love the closing stanza...the pauper's song, ancient lyrics.........and the poets, who are always hungry. Wonderful!

  2. Not too many! Look closer at all tht is there And then, though always hungry, it's not because of poorly stocked rooms ....

  3. the contrast in the opening is interesting...existing in so many rooms and yet unable to fill any of them...have we parsed ourselves out too much....i wonder do we need riches for something to be fulfilling?

  4. The first stanza of too many rooms pulled me in.. Maybe we try too much sometimes, but the alternative of being confined is not so good either. Finding that balance is what life is all about. Excellent thoughts.

  5. Perhaps we need that keep on finding the treasures of words..

  6. it looks lovely in format and wording.
    powerful talents.


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