Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Did I abandon
my body
when she grew tired
of nurturing all but herself?

Bitterness filling
a now fruitless womb.
How stale the taste of age
on the tongue of one who
longs for new.

Letting them go,
no easy task
for forever loving them.

Still I remember
the joy of their years
sharing that part of myself I see
 leaving for an unknown place.

Always bound
to taunt heartstrings
like a harp
the music slow and mournful
with a painful beauty of leaving
it all behind.

Still the echoes
fill the years-
Loving was not always easy
the emptiness it leaves-

 In a darkened room
 filled with shadows,
 I gather memories, stored
safe in the deepest marrow


  1. That second stanza really striking, gut-wrenching poem brilliantly composed

  2. loving can def leave an emptiness at times...
    gathering memories in your marrow...what an arresting image
    works for a great close though

  3. I love your opening...just drew me right in. Felt this one deep, Lisa. Great to see you!

  4. Yes, the opening and the ending too! And the middle, and... :)

  5. Aging, watching children leave, living without for the first time, all leave lingering pains. May the memories heal

  6. I specially love the ending ~ I believe in nurturing the body & mind, specially now that I am growing older ~ I know those shadows, they linger long & full of mourning ~ Love your piece Lisa ~


  7. Beautiful.
    How we do love our children forever and hard it is to let go. But we have done our job well and should take joy in that.
    Anna :o]

  8. The parting... any parting... that's what aging is.. the knowledge that we gradually part with everything piece by piece... such a powerful poem.

  9. Your poem seems to collapse time so that the birthing and the letting them go grown are equal--a new idea for me. But I have learned from early hysterectomy NOT to ever abandon the body, never ever, not as long as alive on mother earth. It does more than we think.

  10. Very nice work here speaking of both a true melancholy and consolation too... I especially liked:

    "How stale the taste of age
    on the tongue of one who
    longs for new." With Best Wishes Scott

  11. It is hard to watch and let a child have stated its pain so well. But there is also a new life for a mother...One she can fill with her own dreams.

  12. this is really tender and beautiful.. my fav lines were: Loving was not always easy; Bitterness filling
    a now fruitless womb.;
    and the taunting of heart strings.

  13. i like the title...their stay with the parents is a brief sojourn making life worth
    the tender note all through...

  14. Lisa,

    It might well be my situation in your words..I felt a sadness too while understanding the poem...Empty nest is never an easy stage in life:)


  15. Thank you all for your comments. I always love hearing from you.


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