Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time (for deverse Calendar 11/23/13)


If it had slowed
to the rhythm
of my heart-

Do you think
I would have worn
it better, felt its closeness
between each breath
treasured every tiny grain
as fate etched itself into each line?

I was following a destined path
without guide, only intuition
born of evolution
disguised as doubt-

Fragile as a falling flake of snow
descending to earth, time melts away
and leaves me cold with questions.


  1. intuition disguised as doubt...great line the turn in the end to snow and its fragility...and how time affects it..nice piece.

  2. Beautiful write, Lisa--thought provoking and delicate, like that snowflake.

  3. nicely penned - especially like the image in the 2nd verse ~ M

  4. Time moves so fast and silently like snow-- a wonderful metaphor and wake-up call. k.

  5. Following a destined path, but without a map, cannot be easy....and oh, those questions! Nice one, Lisa.

  6. i think it helps if we slow down to the ryhthm of our heart...our own rhythm...sometimes we tend to let us push and pull by time and all the urgent things that need to be done...ugh...cold with questions.. expresses it well..

  7. "born of evolution
    disguised as doubt-"


    " time melts away
    and leaves me cold with questions."

    Very creative and poetic. Loved the expression(s).

  8. Oh that last stanza... I loved that one.. how well describing how we use time.. profound questions ...

  9. in love with this one! amazing images and the last part is so true.

  10. This is so beautiful Lisa I am totally in love with your poetry =)


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