Sunday, November 24, 2013

Take Me Back (Mindlovemisery prompt 31)

Take me back
to the ocean as
wave upon wave
washed away the bad years

when you were only nine
and I had found hope again
that life could be normal.

Take me back before death
separated us and laughter
filled our afternoons in the
tiny apartment as she and I shared
our stories over hot tea amidst
the laughter of our children.

Take me back before he became
ill from a livelihood which riddled
his bones with warring cells.

Take me back before the isolation
and rage of loss filled our hearts
in that lonely cabin in the woods.

Take me back to that time
when I could look in the mirror
and know who I was.


  1. You always leave me speechless so I never feel my comments worthy of your beautiful words. Heart-breaking you moved me to tears Lisa those last stanzas will haunt

  2. def if only we could go back to that time before....death tainted life...a time of innocence that echoes throughout our lives and our world...

  3. Nostalgia ringing in my head. A lot of memories oozing through your poem. Cheers to the memories that motion lives. ;)

  4. Such sadness and yearning...what a touching poem.

  5. Such a nostalgy, returning to time 'when I could look in the mirror
    and know who I was.' ~ it's wisdom of aging, when we can appreciate the past and learn lessons ~ Peace & Love to you, Lisa xx

  6. There is so much story here Lisa--and so much anguish--

  7. A painful, but most beautiful poem.

  8. a lovely sepia toned poem of nostalgic yearnings.

  9. So very poignant, full of wonderful memories, the pain of the losses, the longing for the fullness of those earlier times. A wonderful poem.

  10. Beautifully written. Such longing in this poem. Memories do take us back and offer some consolation for loss. Sad but lovely & compassionate.

  11. how often I have thought that myself... wonderfully written

  12. this is a wonderful poem Lisa.. love the repetitions.. love the sentiment...

  13. Lisa,

    There are times when it is necessary to write about and remember the sad and the unfairness that interrupts our lives at times. Yet, we can hopefully see that there were good times also...A blend of the luck of life...


  14. oh how much we wish to go back in time. beautiful

  15. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

  16. So heartfelt...the yearning to return to life before illness and loss. You have given such a poignant voice to all who have felt this.

  17. Oh felt. I can hear and sympathize with the narrator in this...such a longing to go back before life fractured. Well done Lisa!

  18. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  19. Lisa--for me, this is still one of my favorites of yours--so beautifully written and with such pull


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