Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mi na Samhna (November) re-posted from 11/12


Mi na Samhna

She came,
cloaked in gray,
somber in her arrival
I sought the sun,
so well hidden
in her shadows
of  dying
sleepy in the  fruitless waiting 
for rebirth.

She promised resurrection
but faith is hard to come by
when hands clench
in the cold remembrance
of all that has perished.
I have tried to embrace her,
her touch is cold,
that all things end.



  1. i dont see her as harsh though, more a gentle reminder of the cycle...and there is always the promise of new life on the other side as well....ours came in on a hot breath...a late indian summer....i actually got a bit of a tan yesterday....

  2. November is part of the flow of life, I think. Perhaps we have many 'Novembers' in our lives and then comes a turn around and we are on our way to the 'April' in our lives once more. But true that all things end....but hopefully after MANY cycles. Also true that life's Novembers can test our faith...perhaps this is a good thing?

  3. cool on weaving in the irish... her embrace can be quite cold and harsh - oh i agree - we have rough winds here right now-- and her kiss is freezing - yet for me there's also always the promise of spring hidden somewhere under her grey cloak..

  4. November sits near the end of a year long journey.. a time for reflection and to plant the seeds of spring....

  5. Indeed it does ~ This poem resonated with me specially that next week is our Remembrance Day in Canada ~ November has always been about death & mourning for the loved ones for me ~


  6. November also teaches us endurance.......then there is the promise of resurrection....

  7. ...a month we all share as a thoughtful, mortality check.....true, all things come to an end...or do they simply change into something unrecognizable?

  8. Hi Lisa--November does speak of he dying in so many ways--really lovely write!

  9. An excellent capture of the changing seasons and the difficulty of embracing that which kills to renew.

  10. i love the end so much.. you captured the season really well.

  11. Ahh, yes, welcome to November.

  12. Gorgeous writing you've personified November beautifully and really captured the haunting feeling


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