Sunday, November 3, 2013


We put it away
 vault safe
 for some rainy day

which comes swiftly
swept up in a cloudy
darkened truth

As if it would save us
when our hearts break
as loved ones fail in
the struggle world
deems worthwhile.

Reality gnarls and grips
sharpened by the need
sorrow won’t succumb
to its bite.

 We store our “treasure”
 only to find poverty awaits
 in the shadows.

And when what matters
most is devoured
the notion we’re doing
what’s “ right” feels so empty.


  1. Oh, this hurts with its raw honesty. We do put things off, things we should never even consider putting off...and then time gobbles us all and what have we left? Thought provoking and beautiful, Lisa.

  2. Reality these days is so hard and always expensive,,,This poem blasts away at the pain of this economy

  3. ...too many realizations to ponder... well done!

  4. thought provoking lines......and sad too..

  5. A sad reality in today's world.
    Anna :o]


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