Monday, November 11, 2013

I Never Wanted

 I Never Wanted

I never wanted to watch
you leave broken and lost-

In your man-made “happiness”
disintegrating in the mist
of rising discontent and fear.

I never wanted to see your
body crumble, unable to bear
the weight fate cast.

Your martyrdom-
travels through
the darkest parts of me. 

 Turning my gaze away
 I still see my own reflection,
 in those tears which
 seep into the marrow,
 eroding stone set hearts
 which cannot help but weep.



  1. This is agonizing, it had a powerful effect on me as your words always do wow stunning. I hope all is well!

  2. def felt...and heavy...watching them fall apart, watching you fall apart...or feeling responsible for those tears....

  3. Broken, lost, crumpling, weeping - really sad one Lisa

  4. A sad thing to witness...and yet there seems to be a softening with those tears eroding the stone, which I hope is a good thing. Very moving piece Lisa.


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