Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anger (for deverse open link 11/12/13)


 I wonder
 what drives you?

 Rage, an unforgiving heart
 which trembles even
 at the thought of “weakness”.

So much easier to wage
a war on the world
as if strangers even know
what tragedy you’ve tasted
and was it really anymore bitter
than theirs’?

I cringe at the sound
of hate, between each
word you roar in your

I wonder what your story is,
if it bleeds more than others?

Isn’t anger an anemic suture
for your wounds?

Aren't you cold
lonely, tired
wearing this crimson cloak?


  1. I enjoyed this. Especially how the last line tied it all together. Thank you, great read!

  2. It is so hard to deal with people who are continually angry. That 'crimson coat' gets tiring after a while.

  3. anger i think drives much of what we do at times....our response to all we have let build up...and not taken care of until it blows up....

  4. Anger can sure get in the way, crankpots can cause dismay

  5. Anger is a strong emotion that needs to calm down...

  6. 'anger' so calmly and beautifully expressed........

  7. My god those last lines, this is just brilliant!

  8. I have seen the destructiveness of anger like this...caused by hurt...causing more hurt. You nailed it. Wow. Brilliant.

  9. This is an excellent piece, Lisa. You described anger perfectly and poetically. You're right that angry people are often wounded and lash out in a destructive way. Crimson cloak ... sharp imagery, really powerful.


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