Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Lisa A.Williams

There have been so many
 I could build
a castle of goodbyes
on this shore.

Always facing the wind
who scatters those sands
of a lifetime, some gladly
released, many held tightly
still she prevails in
the breath of living to
take what was given.

Those moments, seared
in memory of the family
who shared the love of
music and the lightness
of being, shared laughter
precious commodity in an
aging world of anger.

Friends, close to the spirit
drift away to far off places
to begin anew, always their leaving
takes a part of us with them.

Children grow
become what we were
and more, always there is a
grieving of their departure.

The familiar face in the mirror
becomes a stranger we don’t
know, too busy saying goodbye
to the one we remember, watching
her transform over and over again,
an ever changing self who finds and
then is lost with each farewell.


  1. This is lovely, Lisa... I especially like the second stanza.

  2. Really lovely, captures life and time but with a real taste of hope.

  3. So lovely Lisa--your work seems both hopeful and poignant--

  4. Lisa,

    I really felt the emotional journey throught life, captured in your words.
    Perhaps since becoming a grandmother two years ago, I see life in the same way these days!!


  5. I totally resonate with this poem - all of the additions to our lives that eventually become losses.........the person within, as opposed to the one in the mirror.......and then you totally nailed it in your two closing lines. Fantastic!

  6. I know this feeling. I have always hated goodbye..each one gets harder. Great piece!

  7. Yes, many people come and go in our lives--sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. Love the introspection in the last stanza, too. :)

  8. Very deep and well expressed, really enjoyed it a lot.

  9. That final stanza is just perfect. So true Lisa. Great piece!

  10. I am moved by this intimate knowledge of goodbye. When I look in the mirror, I no longer see my past faces--I need photographs for that. But the faces of those I've had to say goodbye to are with me forever.

  11. soulfully sad, but each goodbye comes the opportunity of hello!

  12. I could have written this poem!! I definitely know what you mean by a 'castle of good-byes.' And I am one who really does not WANT things or relationships to end.... It pains me deeply when they do.


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