Monday, June 24, 2013

A Tree

A Tree
Lisa A.Williams

A tree
grows there
in that dry place
with nothing but skies
to water,
earth to nurture.

A tree grows there budding,
roots reaching for more
to steady its skyward gaze.

 A tree sleeps there
 in the dead winter barrenness
 rooted with questions
 only rebirth can answer.

It waits with eons of patience, knowing
only time can fill the void and strengthen.

Beneath its shade, I find solace.
in its silence, I hear my voice.
Where a tree grows, I rest
and reach for all I do not know.


  1. Trees are the only living thins on this earth that sacrifice their each and every bit. A lot to learn for us from nature.

  2. I love trees and everything about them. They have a unspoken, timeless wisdom. Beautiful.

  3. There is something very awing about a tree, wherever it is, I think. It is very relaxing to stand beneath and contemplate. Indeed, as in your last stanza, one can find solace!!

  4. A beautiful poem. Vivid, and I love how you end it: reach for all I do not know.

  5. This is gorgeous Lisa, makes me feel so peaceful. I love nature and trees it might sound silly but seeing a beautiful old tree always lifts my spirits =)


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