Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Being Human (for deverse; Good News, Bad News, Your News)

From the beginning
from a heavenly grace
which offered paradise

But paradise cannot feed the human
always hungry
always reaching the sweet fruit of truth

and the truth
can be so ugly
genocides of innocents

wiped away in a deluge
of hate and desire
for the perfect which
cannot be found.

Tribes of strength
bowing -
The faithful crying
for their God

and as the news of the day
wipes its mouth of constant crime
we try to wipe the tears away.


  1. So true that the perfect cannot be found. Truth, on a regular basis, is definitely sometime hard to deal with. There is no more paradise, it seems. Perhaps there never was.

  2. Perfection is elusive ~ When I read the crime news, it makes me realize how shallow and greedy we are or can be ~

  3. a deluge of hate...its a scary thing isnt it...the news is sad most days...i wonder why it is that we report on all the darkness...is there not enough light...or dos it just not get the attention...

  4. It's so sad when religions of love.. change into religions of hate... to reinforce the tribal instinct.. that most of us are truly subject to...

    So i'd rather have football.. than religion to rule the tribal instinct of human kind...

    As no one usually falls to bullets.. and are helmeted and protected against aggressive hits...

    And let love rules the rest.. as we do in much smaller primitive societies.. of sharing the goods.. of love and substance for simple survival the way it is before..

    the news becomes the lie.. instead of truth of what is really going on in better human love and living in life..connections..:)

  5. Interesting that we try to do what's worst for us.. It's is kind of truth becoming a lie. Made me think, the metaphor of lost paradise works well.

  6. I love the opening about how paradise cannot feed the human and yet we kill and die and continuously struggle to build this great cocoon both internally and externally and we are never happy, always fighting, powerful Lisa

  7. this is so tragic yet it's all our creation......sigh

  8. so loved the last two lines... great comparisons

  9. This is written so well. I especially noticed stanza 3 and 4. What is occurring with the radicals is nothing short of a horrible tragedy. I pray along with many others that it will come to an end and quickly.


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