Wednesday, October 22, 2014


And the world goes on
In her sped fast way

Leaving us here
A bit breathless

Longing for each other
Miles away
I reach for you

How you pulled me back
From the darkness

Shedding light
With your innocence

Seeing joy
When I only saw shadows

Pulling me back
To a time
When I could breathe enough
For both of us

Shallow it feels now
Missing your face
Wishing you needed me
As much

Always I wonder
If the light still halos you
Always I wonder if the shadow
Of your absence will cradle me?


  1. sad. being held in that shadow...i think often when one is gone their shadow will grace us...the mention of halo made me think of them as being passed on to the next life...hard...i know for my wife the shadow of her mother touches her lose a child is absolutely heart breaking to me...

    1. I was inspired by one of your poems to write this. My daughters always have had the ability to show me something wonderful in the world, something I might have lost sight of had it not been for them. I miss them, even though they are not far and as my youngest has left, I feel the emptiness she left behind.Such a wonderful blessing to be a parent. I know how blessed I am. I understand how your wife feels, I feel the shadow of my father often, miss him as well.

  2. It is sad thing to miss someone who was always around us... your daughter did her part well before parting.... so stay well :)


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