Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Lake (for deverse Travel Poetry)

“For the creator there is no poverty and no poor indifferent place.”
 Rainer Maria Rilke

Heart stone, deeply buried
within the memory of a child

who saw her mother heal
alongside that quiet Lake
and came  alive joining me
in the wonder of it all

Her blue eyes
always so distant
as if chasing a dream
no one knew she had.

A dream of some far off place
where voices were kind and
came from the outside
easing the rage within her

Watching me swim-
still lingering on shore
anchored by doubt

The fear
she would be swept away
further than she had ever been.

Mother, stranger
lost in a tide I couldn’t see
only when she smiled
feeling so at home

did I witness
the transformation
seeing the child in her
connect  as she held my hand
 quickly letting go

When home came into view.  


  1. It is a bit sad when mother and daughter are stranger, but it is a good thing when healing can happen! I like the idea of transformation when home comes into view.

  2. It is hard for a daughter I am sure to see the suffering in a parent. We rejoice with the persona when healing seems to be coming at the end of your poem.

  3. I was trying to imagine the situation where the mother becomes a stranger to the child but is healed by the quiet lake ~ If this is correct, then nature is the best healer ~

    Good to see you Lisa ~

  4. "when home came into view"… somehow "home" or "him" made her feel trapped or something? This poem lets us ponder the possibilities.

  5. oh that really tore at my heart strings...so tough when the mother in a way slips away mentally...

  6. Oh, you broke my heart! It is so sad how mental illness can distance two people who want to be close. I love the journey that allowed them to travel closer together, even if it seems that the distance came back at the end of the trip. Coming home isn't always a good thing. Wonderful poem.

  7. A sad sad poem to read .. When someone close is always out travelling in her mind.. Just to return for the briefest moment...

  8. I'm glad you connected if just for that bit. The beach can touch and heal. This poem was very touching.

  9. very moving...though happiness is there in the brief moment of recognition...a different journey to a loved one, to come closer to each other...

  10. Nature is a healer, but what a difficult journey, with only sadness at its end. Heart-rending.


  11. I know this journey, of a child with a troubled and distant mother. I hope that girl has kept her wonder, and was wise and compassionate enough to see the hurt child in her mother. A poignant and beautiful write.

  12. Lisa--this just hit me in the gut--such a painful write

  13. i think that throughout life we will let our kids down...and they are usually pretty forgiving...and when they see us work through the hard places it allows them to believe as well that they will when their time comes...i always love to see restoration...


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