Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Long Time The Darkness Held Me (for deverse; Poetics: Bringing Light to Darkness)

Long Time the darkness held me-

Took away all
I believed

I held my breath
in silence

Waiting for the shadows
to vanish

Long time
The darkness held me-

 When we were young
 we were burning
Black ash
smothering dreams. 

Long time the darkness held me
cradled babe in motherless arms

I hear her voice
in the distance:

“Please forgive me,
I was lost”

Blue sky haunted
by the echo of her words.


  1. I like the title as well as the refraining lines ~ The blue sky echoes all our darkness, even when we don't see a grey cloud in the sky ~ Lovely response Lisa ~

  2. The words in her voice ("Please forgive me, I was lost") are really thought-provoking in the context of the poem

  3. the refraining lines are really impactful and that ending is perfect.

  4. Intense and lovely! I love the title.

  5. From darkness to light, a great image and one we all would like to think is for us....

  6. Pensive and contrite ..well done..

  7. “Please forgive me,
    I was lost”

    So full of pain and pleading... haunting words. I'm glad this is told in past tense and the darkness no longer holds you.

  8. lost and found, two such rich analogies of our human condition

  9. i may be completely reading it well out of intent..but it reminds me of the vicious cycle of parenting and child..when the two do not meet..for hugs that feel true...

    perhaps it is because it reminds me of my father..but no..never a time for admitted lost just a way of distance a way of nature that some folks have..

    The best i could do is say i love him..and know he knows not of what love can be..i am the lucky one..a life lived without love even in light..is light bathed in a darkness never foretold...

    yes.. two ships always forevermore..passing by..in the night....never again..to meet..never once met..at all...even together the distance is all...grave or not now..it does not matter..some things just are..just are..they are.....

  10. "Long time the darkness held me
    cradled babe in motherless arms"...whew, that image, so heartbreaking, and so spot-on in conveying your message. Well done, Lisa.

  11. That darkness.. That particular one is such a dark and heartbreaking one..

  12. Darkness has such strong arms, we forget that love and light are stronger.

  13. I like the juxtaposition of the black and blue - powerful writing.

  14. I found the repetition compelling in your write.

  15. "Long time the darkness held me / cradled babe in motherless arms"....powerful and poignant...

  16. O! And has forgiveness held you and her? That Darkness is so hard to move through, as are echoes, and best intentions. Sometimes the light seems just out of reach.

  17. a very touching write. the end really haunting.

  18. The repetition creates a wonderful tension here Lisa--I love it when we can find the light after a long period of darkness!


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