Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moments (for deverse 12/10/13)


how you follow me.

I often reach for, so I can feel
all those things which make up
my life.

All those moments
I knew would become
memories before I could
catch my breath.

This will not be a year
I will mourn, I did not
wear it well but as a new
beginning will soon arrive,

I will cast aside this heaviness
and embrace all I do not know.


  1. The old year fading.. and hope for a new year.. well expressed Lisa..

  2. "I did not wear it well." To me, that says so much.

  3. This does seem to say so much Lisa--there is sadness and hope here--and for me, a heaviness that speaks to a burden held--lovely writing as always

  4. nice...when we think we know we expect...and when we expect, we get...often...i rather like the determination to accept the gift of the fresh page and allow this year to be as it will..

  5. One can always look at a new year as being a fresh slate. This is the message I will take from your poem, Lisa!

  6. I specially like the ending ~ There is something about the time of new year that brings so much hope for beginnings ~

  7. Yes, that's the spirit. Keep an open mind and let them search for, our resolve will bring back all the good times! Nicely Lisa!


  8. Very perceptive.
    Love "embrace all I do not know."

  9. Oh yes, I am so ready for the new year, even though it is just a number, even though there are other calendars out there where we are in the midst of a different year altogether.
    'This will not be a year
    I will mourn'
    Is so apt. I will mourn the loss of my dad, but not the year itself.
    I hope all is well with you - a very insightful write.

  10. An interesting comment: "I did not wear it well..." Made this reader wonder what happened and THEN caused me to take stock of my year almost passed. This is the mark of good poetry! Invitation and instigation. Loved this! Amy


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