Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stories (for deverse, Hearth, Home and Common Speech)


 I would love to hear-

 The rawness
 of your hurt, why you
 strive to rise above
 human pain and how
 the struggle taught you
 to mourn and feel
 compassion for even
 the coldest stranger.

  Tell me your story
  I will tell you mine.
  We will invent
  happy endings and look back
  without regret.

  For life is a great teacher
  its purpose, to make us
  one with our heaven
  where we will one day rest,

  breathing in gentle living,
  forsaking pain for pleasure,
  its lesson burned in our brow


  1. life is a great teacher...and i love the sharing of stories as they draw us close to one another...and our happy endings come...they may not be story tales, but...even through the pain there is much joy to be had in this life...

  2. Oh yes, life is a great teacher. Each year there are new lessons, and we continue to grow from our experiences & from taking the risk of sharing our experiences with others.

  3. It seems much as I dread it raw hurt is the best teacher. Really love that entire stanza.

  4. "Tell me your story
    I will tell you mine"
    In the online world this doesnt happen much.... People have become closed rather then Opening.... When Family was given important people intracted said their happiness.... In this world we dont even know the story we share is true or we just do it to update the status.......... Nicely done

  5. so much hope in the sharing... one doesn't see that too often anymore

  6. We are sharing stories today it seems - of Christmas, parties, old reunions, heartbreak, yearning, dark nights, early mornings, frost, freeze, isolation, old fireplaces and unused hearths, of parents, dogs, cats, and impending travel. So these are the stories, this is our community and learning to trust is part of the contract. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year!

  7. This is a very good poem Lisa, I like the sense of the open invitation at the beginning...well done.

  8. I think only in togetherness we can invent the happy ending to make it true... loved that stanza...

  9. Beautiful words Lisa and it is good to share with one-another, ease the pain and seek happiness. Compassion is the greatest thing.
    Anna :o]

  10. LIsa - nicely said.

  11. lessons burned in brow! so true..... so much takes off when we share stories. so much of happiness and so much of grief too!

  12. Very beautiful.
    Words play within a magnificent flow in your hands.

  13. I love the idea of sharing stories ... in essence that's what we do when we share our poetry. Our writing reflects a bit of who we are, our feelings, our values, our dreams ... lovely poem, Lisa.

  14. Gorgeous Lisa, life is a great teacher and I feel that I have learned a lot about compassion on this journey

  15. So nice to hear from all of you. Happy Holidays!

  16. So perfectly said. I would love to listen to your stories Lisa, as I do with the poems you share. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  17. I hope you are enjoying the holidays Lisa =)


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