Saturday, October 5, 2013

How We Loved October

How We Loved October

You would have sworn
they were sisters-

Young mothers

Daughters trying on
homemade costumes

The smell of pumpkin pie
lulling into scents of fall
carved from our center-

Sweet harvest born of a vine
united in kinship.

Anticipating nightfall
glowing Jack O Lanterns
watching over the tired earth
as she prepared for the stillness
winter would bring.

Eyes gleaming, smiles rich
with hope on this dark night
as we adorned houses 
promising treats.

children who grew apart,
one young mother lost
forever in an illness
time never had an answer for.

For deverse- "I have an issue with Pumpkins"


  1. I like the smell of the pie, but how sad for the ending ~ Good one Lisa ~

  2. A warming poem touched with sadness.

  3. def a sad thought is cancer...which i wish we could find a way to it has touched far too many....

  4. A creative response to what appears to me to be a prompt, right? "I have an issue...."

    Your sad ending is an effective, and surprising, contrast with the title and the rest of the poem.


  5. That sad ending would forever make the smell of pumpkin pies be a sad smell -- when young ones dies it's so much sadder

  6. oh i am so sorry that you lost her.. sounds like a dear friend... and how the memories always come back at specific times... hugs..

  7. It has the tones of sadness and happiness.

  8. So sad, but wonderful memories shared will last...

  9. the ending really grabbed me... very sad...

  10. I loved where you took this prompt Lisa---your poetry always feels so satisfying to read--thank you!

  11. Wow, this is a poem of feeling, Lisa. It ended in an unexpectedly sad way. Makes me wish I knew more of the backstory.

  12. I liked the feeling you painted at the beginning, but the end took me off guard.. sad. - in a good way though.

  13. Beautiful but sad poem Lisa! I can understand pumpkin pie would never taste the same now.

  14. What a wonderful friendship you shared and lovely memories. Sorry for your loss ... this is touching.

    1. I am so grateful for having such a friendship and all the beautiful memories. I miss her immensely but what a blessing to have had her as my friend.

  15. beautiful, sad,'ve expressed your feelings so well. so sorry for your loss.

  16. this poem touches. Octobers will never be the same again.

  17. The ending is just devastating, this poem is so rich and vivid with the images and essence of October

  18. Oh this is achingly sad. The loss of someone at a particular time of year just keeps on resonating....

  19. Lisa,

    It is easy to associate an event or passing with a season. My mother died in October, eighteen years ago...I always think of her when the leaves are falling...


    Lisa, thank you for your kind words at my new Blog. Much appreciated:)


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