Monday, January 21, 2013


Lisa A.Williams  

Wound upon wound
all pretense-
anemic suture.

How truth bleeds
 through white silence-
Crimson shades 
 the pureness 
of our dreams long held in
 hunting hearts,
tasting each others hunger-

the nearness of it always.


  1. This is so good Lisa. Felt that snatch of heartache and your close is perfect.

  2. Really like the intensity and rawness in this, Lisa. "How truth bleeds through white silence"- so powerful. The impact of this piece is easily felt.

  3. love this piece - the last line especially. Have been wondering why certain lines stand out in poems... don't think there is a single reason. The context is important (hence why last lines often stick), rhythm can have something to do with it (the feminine ending of your piece was really poignant). I guess trying to come up with an equation for it is destined to fail. Sometimes things "just work". In the case of this poem, greatly.


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