Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The King

I  feel the scorn
of others-

in which you bathed me
time and time again
the darkness of you
always choking

The cold swept through me
in your gaze, an illness I
cannot name only feel
the symptoms of your disease
which ate through my bones

and left me with a rabbit's heart,
seeing no escape when you
were struck down by the stone
and lay helpless-

Removed from your throne.

Once again
I rescued the King
who ruled his subjects
under a reign of terror
sending him far away to the healers
where no one knew
of the crown he wore-

 In the silent castle
 I heard the sound of my own voice
 as tyranny lay down its sword.

The others pointed and judged
when I protested your return
even as I screamed the truth
of your rule.

"What kind of Queen abandons
her King?"


I stood fast in the desolation
as I watched the house of cards be
swept away by my words

Knowing if I tried to save you
this time-

I would die. 



  1. No one should have to rescue someone and then die themselves. No one should feel guilty about not performing that kind of rescue.

  2. I admire the use of the House of Cards - the characters, King and Queen, and the games played to outdo the other ~ Good to see in Dverse Lisa ~ Hope you are well ~

  3. love the images you use - the house of cards - that carries a lot of emotion for me - and great use of metaphor as well

  4. Castle Walls
    of heARt stone
    eYes of uS

  5. The metaphor of the king and queen, the abuse, the scorn when truth is out... I get all those feelings... I hope you are well Lisa, and nice to have you back at dVerse.

  6. Wasted time and emotional energy! Striking poem!

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