Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Homecoming (for deverse; August 12, 2014)

Where would I go?


The flutter of clipped wings
in the distance

Never found a place
I wanted forever

Comfort seemed
short lived

Children grow
and fly away

To follow them
not the answer

Never found the roots
some have been able
to grow deep

Mine sparse
still feeling the breeze
of a distant land

The ocean calls
only to sweep
me back to shore

Eons ago
she was home

Now I visit
tasting the familiar
knowing I can’t stay forever.

Dorothy said:
“There’s no place like home.”

Is it all a dream,
The search for those
backyard diamonds?


  1. sometimes it can feel that way..i have made a few homes...but have always felt the pull to find new places...and places change...what made it home once can go away...even if part of the natural process like kids going to school...

    so does yours go next week? most around here usually start around my birthday....the 22nd

  2. ah, a true travelers write... nothing wrong with finding homes all over... smiles

  3. Would you believe my eldest who has his own place visits us now regularly like he misses us ~ I can empathize when the empty nest but you know we can make our home, our home again, smiles ~

  4. Hi Lisa - I think home is where we make it, and it certainly changes. Once we move on, the old is just a dream.

  5. Home is a state of mind but there is no doubt that some places we must call home make it easier to have the right state of mind.

  6. those backyard diamonds.. (love that expression).. there are things pulling us back.. but there are also things that repels us.. :-)

  7. Great capture of that elusive feeling...searching for comfort and roots and "forever". Great to see you Lisa!


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